ItsCarma is about you. Me. Us. Everyone.

It's about coming together as a community and about making the world a better place for us and our kids.

Give somebody a hand

Say you notice a car parked on a street being cleaned soon.

You also see our sticker on the car, so you know the car is registered here. You come to, enter the car's license plate number and state, select the "Street cleaning" message, and click the send button. The car's owner then gets a text or email with your message, and maybe has a chance to move their car.

If you're registered and logged in when you send your message, you'll get a good-carma-point! With enough points you can earn rewards, and feel good doing it.

If, on the other hand, it's your car on the soon-to-be-cleaned street and you get the alert from your anonymous new buddy, you can give back by sending them an anonymous "Thank you!" You get a good-carma-point for saying thanks, and thanks to you, they get a second one!

Of course, ItsCarma is about much more than street cleaning! See the messages you can send on our home page.

Let somebody give you a hand

If you'd like to let others give you a heads-up when they notice something wrong, go ahead and register.

It's free through your first three ItsCarma alerts. After that, a small fee keeps you registered for the next twelve months, and allows us to help you spread the good carma!