Privacy Policy

We take your privacy as seriously as we take our own.

So, what information do we collect? Other than the information you provide in the registration form, we keep a record of each alert sent, including the sender, receiver, message content, date and time. By design, we're collecting as little information as we can and still provide our service. In addition, we do not sell, rent, or otherwise share your data, except as required by law.

When you log in, a code is embedded in each page or url from ItsCarma to help you stay logged in until you either log out or close all ItsCarma pages. Also, we use temporary cookies to help you stay logged in while you pay for ItsCarma-related items on PayPal. Those cookies are deleted as soon as you get back to ItsCarma from PayPal.

And of course, you always have the option of logging out (you can find a link to do that on your account page, in the upper right corner), OR you can immediately log out here.




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