Before entering your license plate number and trying to send you an alert, users will look for a placard displayed in your car that shows that your car is registered. So you'll need a placard that folks can see to let them know they'll be able to send you an alert. You're welcome to print your own (see DIY Placard below) or order an official one from us if you're not able to find one at a shop or cafe in your neighborhood.

Official Placard

With our official placard, attaching it to the inside of the rear window on your car may be a good choice, but use your best judgement in choosing a place it will be visible yet not obstruct your vision.

If we haven't distributed our official placards in your neighborhood yet, you can print your own. See DIY Placard, below.

DIY Placard

You can print this DIY placard yourself.

Here's a pdf to download and print.

itscarma placard




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